Why Isn't Heidi Montag a Real Housewife- Andy Cohen Says…

Andy Cohen Says Why Heidi Montag Isn't a Real Housewife

Andy Cohen has real good response to Heidi Montag's claim he doesn't want her to be a Real Housewife.

After The Hills alum and husband Spencer Pratt recently doubled down on their previous assertion that the Watch What Happens Live host has prevented her casting on the Real Housewives due to a longstanding grudge, he is setting the record straight.

"I feel like in the news it comes up all the time where you're like, 'Oh yeah, Spencer said you hate him,'" Andy explained on the Sept. 19 episode of his SiriusXM podcast Andy Cohen Live, after referencing the couple calling him out in th…

Hottest new item on Aussie menus

Like many people, I grew up in a simple meat-and-veg kind of household.

Ingredients were simply “cooked” — not tortured like the “smashed avocado” or “shredded pork” or “wilted spinach” currently in vogue at Sydney cafes.

In fact, while I was growing up my mother was so averse to anything “fancy” she refused even to use black pepper to season dishes because it was “too spicy”.

Oh, sure, I’ve seen people whip up gourmet dishes like it’s nothing on MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, but that’s just for TV, right? Surely no-one actually eats that.

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself at an event for this year’s Noosa Food & Wine festival at R…