Fashion and luxury- Generative AI facing ethical, legal challenges

The Hyères debate, exciting though it was, wasn’t altogether reassuring, because the road towards fencing in this disruptive new technology is looking tortuous. The EU is in the process of passing new legislation in this area, the IA Act, which was approved on first reading by the European Parliament in June 2023, and is set to become the world’s first law of its kind. It was proposed by the European Commission, and is currently in the final stages of discussion between the EU Council and Parliament, with a view to reaching a common position. “[The IA Act] is a harmonisation effort, it contains a set of rules that must be harmonised at EU level to ensure that artificial intelligence technologies are safe, that they are consistent with European values, and that they can also foste…

Jennifer Love Hewitt Slams Sexualization of Her Younger Self

Jennifer Love Hewitt Says Aging in Hollywood is "Hard"

Jennifer Love Hewitt wants you to stop comparing her to her 20-year-old self.

The Tuxedo actress called out fans for fixating on the younger version of herself, which she said was sexualized in Hollywood. 

"She was a looker," Hewitt joked on a recent appearance of the Inside of You Podcast. "But also that 23- and 25-year-old wasn't in her body."

In fact, Hewitt didn't feel self-confident at that age.

"I felt watched. I felt like I had to be everything for everybody all the time," the Party of Five star continued. "I was called sexy before I ever knew what being sexy was. I was 17 years old on …