Why Isn't Heidi Montag a Real Housewife- Andy Cohen Says…

Andy Cohen Says Why Heidi Montag Isn't a Real Housewife

Andy Cohen has real good response to Heidi Montag's claim he doesn't want her to be a Real Housewife.

After The Hills alum and husband Spencer Pratt recently doubled down on their previous assertion that the Watch What Happens Live host has prevented her casting on the Real Housewives due to a longstanding grudge, he is setting the record straight.

"I feel like in the news it comes up all the time where you're like, 'Oh yeah, Spencer said you hate him,'" Andy explained on the Sept. 19 episode of his SiriusXM podcast Andy Cohen Live, after referencing the couple calling him out in their interview.. "I just gotta be clear. I don't know them. I didn't watch Laguna Beach, so I don't even have much institutional knowledge of them."คำพูดจาก สล็อตวอเลท

In fact, Andy stands by not feeling like the longtime couple would be a good fit for Bravo? And for him, the reason is quite simple.

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"I have said that I thought it would be weird if they were on The Housewives because the same reason that I was saying that it would be weird if Snooki came on The Housewives," he explained. "They're so identified, not only with another show, but with another network. So, it's like, 'But wait a minute, you are supposed to be on Jersey Shore.' It just makes it weird, so that's the reason. They said that they thought it was because I was a big Lauren Conrad fan and I'm like—I'm kind of not."

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Heidi had suggested that Andy was a supporter of her longtime enemy and Hills costar while opening up about her desire to become a Housewife.

"I don't know if he's just a Lauren fan or what," she told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published Sept. 15, "because I would think that he would appreciate the reality star that I am. I completely make sense to be on one of these shows. Maybe before when I was younger that didn't quite make sense. But I'm 37 now, and as a mama too, I could easily go on Orange County or Beverly Hills."

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However, her husband of 14 years noted that he thinks the perceived Housewife blacklisting is actually a positive thing.

Spencer added, "I think the quote I've heard used before, and I think it's a compliment, is 'Heidi's too polarizing for some of these shows.' She'd upstage. I know that's my love for her, but I truly think she'd upstage all these basic ladies."

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